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World Predictions is famous site for Predictions. its have a good source of predicted various world affairs . Nastrodamus was one of at least nine children of a grain merchant.. this site is famous for various World Predictions. here this World Predictions , every person may know his future by within a time . this site famous for some Predictions . like as predicted on the human blood disease . In the 16 century there was a medical term such as "Milk". By this term refers to lymph or male seed. The term "blood" means the entire human immune system, and the term "frog" - a malicious body that are harmful to our body. Nostradamus wrote about the disease in his 75th catren. He wrote about the spread of the disease in France, Italy and Spain. In his predictions, he identified the virus as a scab. Indeed when you can see the AIDS virus under a microscope, it looked like a scab. At this occult symbol indicates masculinity. Also, Nostradamus wrote that the cause of the spread of the virus is sex.

Georb Purbach, who lived in Italy in 1454, told that soon will happen eruption of Etna. This volcano was inactive with 1169. This astrologer said that the eruption will occur in the same year, the numbers on the end of which will be 69. Everyone waited for the eruption in 1469, but it has not happened. Due to this astrologer was called a charlatan. Then, this prediction has been forgotten by everyone.

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